Aunt Lizzie's Trunk
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About Aunt Lizzie

The original Aunt Lizzie was a guardian of her family's story.  She saved a collection of memorabilia that helped her nieces and nephews piece together their history and heritage.

I believe every family has a narrative, and we all want to know our own tale.  Maybe it will be an epic, maybe only a short story.  But there is something to be learned about our place in history, and I can help you on that road to discovery.
Michael and Hannah Galvin
Michael Joseph Galvin, left, one of my 9 Irish immigrant ancestors, and Hannah Archdeacon, his bride, 1909.
About Nora Galvin

I was born and raised in
Cincinnati,Ohio, and have lived in several cities in that state.  In addition I have lived in 2 cities in VirginiaNew England has been my home for over
20 years.

I am a descendent of nine immigrants from eight counties in
Ireland who braved the Atlantic between 1848 and 1905 and made their way to Cincinnati via New Orleans, New York and Boston.  I have a strong interest in Irish genealogy and immigration.

Professional Background
I hold a Bachelor of Science degree (Biology) from The Ohio State University and a Masters of Arts (Liberal Studies) from Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut.  I have been a secondary-school science teacher and a research scientist at a major pharmaceutical company where one of my roles was using DNA as a drug discovery tool.  I bring a scientist's intrinsic curiosity and attention to detail to my genealogical research.
*Research details of known ancestors in Connecticut, New York City, Boston

*Research to find "missing" ancestors

*inform and advise you about DNA testing

*Guide you in your research

*Assess your family history records

*Organize your family relationship information into a useful family tree document either on paper or on computer

*Organize your documents, mementos, photographs

*Prepare pedigree charts

*Prepare ancestor charts for wedding or birth gifts
Do you have an Aunt Lizzie?

                                                 What's in
her trunk?
Name: Nora Galvin
Contact Info:
36 Livingston Street
Bridgeport, CT 06605
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